12th Night of the Living Dead

Author: Toni

Posted on: April 12, 2010


Everyone’s favorite alt theatre company, Stray Cat, is opening a new show on Friday, April 16: 12th Night of the Living Dead.

Sounds like Shakespeare you say? Well, yes, if you like your Shakespeare shaken and stirred with zombies. The creative minds behind Stray Cat Theatre are producing a riff on this classis tale by adding lots and lots of zombies. I would try and paraphrase the premise myself, but their Web site says it best: “When a strange meteor smashes into that famous ship en route to Illyria, the bodies pile up even faster than the romantic complications. Can true love conquer being turned into a zombie? Can a zombie be made to understand the affairs of the heart…without eating it?”

Yes, this could be the most fun that you’ve ever had in an auditorium. Check out the Web site for show times and ticket information: http://straycattheatre.org/.

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