V is for Valentine. And VinciTorio’s.

Author: Patrick

Posted on: February 12, 2014


VinciTorio’s is the perfect Valentine’s Day restaurant in Tempe.

Valentine’s Day. Just reading those words or saying them aloud can send chills up a man’s spine. With the big day just 48 hours away, it’s a safe assumption that there’s a lot of last minute planning happening right about now.

Do something different this year. With Valentine’s Day on a Friday, you sort of have to go all out. But you don’t have to make yourself crazy deciding what to do or where to go. A nice, romantic dinner is always a safe bet. I suggest heading over to VinciTorio’s. If you’ve never been, shame on you. It’s a great Italian restaurant here in Tempe – and Italian food is the food of love. It’s owned and operated by Mario Vincitorio, who hails from Southern Italy.  On Friday, they’ll have a special Valentine’s Day menu. I’ve perused it and I have to say, it’s pretty good. You’ll be able to get everything from Caprese Salad (my favorite) to Seafood Fradiavolo and Chicken Parmigiana, among many other delectable entrees. Do you like pasta? Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like it? All the pasta at VinciTorio’s is homemade.

The ambience is perfect for a more intimate evening. The décor gives the restaurant a Tuscan feel to it. They have live music too. Pianos, saxophones, accordions, it’s all molto bene. Trust me, this restaurant is a can’t miss. If you’re scrambling around for someplace to go, do yourself a favor and head over to VinciTorio’s. Obviously, make a reservation – right now – because there’s a good chance there may be a lot of people there this week.

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