Light rail to provide more trains for Suns games, special events

Author: ptb023

Posted on: January 9, 2009

Details: reports:

“Metro light rail says it will have plenty of trains working late tonight to handle Phoenix Suns fans who want to take the train to the game.

The National Basketball Association game against Dallas starts at 8:30 p.m. Metro light-rail’s last trains leave both ends of the line at 11 p.m. Provided the game ends before then, metro says there will be trains waiting for fans at its downtown Phoenix station that serves Washington and Jefferson streets at Third Street near US Airways Center.

Metro says one of its goals is to have plenty of trains for big events. That could be an Arizona Diamondbacks game, a football game at Arizona State University, an event at the Phoenix Convention Center, or anything that draws a big crowd at a venue near the rail line.

“Accommodating special events is a huge point of our operations plan,” Metro spokeswoman Hillary Foose said.

She said the extra-train plan covers sports, entertainment events, and arts and cultural festivals that attract 10,000 or more people. Metro makes the decision to add trains based on attendance estimates from the venues.

The $1.4 billion Metro line opened Dec. 27. The 20-mile system connects Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa and runs near some of the region’s biggest people attractors.”

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