Hungry? Here’s the best ASU student dining

Author: Patrick

Posted on: August 15, 2014
Last updated on: November 29th, 2017 at 2:40 pm


I think a lot of college students get creative when it comes to eating. Between classes, homework, term papers and studying, there’s barely enough time to breathe, let alone eat. When I was in school, I survived on a steady diet of Tostino’s pizza (10 for $10, how could you go wrong?).  If I could go back and do it all over again, I would eat a lot healthier and more complete meals instead of taking the easy way out.

The great thing about being a student at ASU in Tempe is that there are a ton of great dining options to choose from. Whether you have a lot of time to just sit down, relax and enjoy some great food or you’re in a rush and need a really quick meal, the area around the ASU Tempe Campus has lots to offer.  Here are some of the places we think serve some of the best ASU student dining options.

Memorial Union

Considered to be the “living room of campus”, Memorial Union offers ASU students everything from information about joining student organizations to food. Engrained, one of the most popular restaurants on campus, is found here. Located on the second floor, Engrained has a good selection of healthy food for reasonable prices. They partner with local farms and producers and incorporate their food into the menu. It’s a great place to stop by if you don’t have time to leave campus.

Umami Tempe

Last year, Umami was recognized as one of the hottest ramen shops in the country. Located at The Brickyard on Mill Ave., they serve bowls of fresh ramen, along with Japanese beer and sake. You create your own bowl and choose everything from the noodles, meat, broth, etc. In addition to ramen bowls, they also have bento boxes, which they change often. One thing that’s really nice about here is that they have some great daily specials. Saving money is never a bad thing.

Original ChopShop Co.

ChopShop is one of our favorite restaurants in Tempe. They have incredible sandwiches (Chicken Prosciutto is the absolute best) and salads, fresh juices and healthy snacks. It’s located on College Ave. and University Drive, which is right next to campus. Sometimes, places on campus close a little earlier than you’d like. ChopShop has more “traditional” restaurants hours, which is perfect for a late dinner.

The Chuckbox

The Chuckbox is a Tempe landmark. They’ve been serving up mesquite grilled burgers for over 35 years. Their menu is simple, with burgers, chicken, wings and sides. One of our favorite burgers is the Tijuana Torpedo, which as jalapeno jack cheese and green chilies. The deep fried zucchini is also pretty good. You can get a good amount of food here for around $10. Not bad.


This Tempe hidden gem is found on Apache Blvd. and Terrace Rd. Everything on the menu is incredible. Seriously, not one thing is bad. The Nuts and Berries Salad is one of our favorites. It has mixed greens, candied walnuts, strawberries and goat cheese. The California Club is by far their most popular menu items. They also have some of the best breakfast menus around, with the oatmeal being our absolute favorite.

For more ideas on where to eat around campus, check out some of our favorite places for late night dining in Tempe. You can also visit the dining section of our website or call us at 480-894-8158.

Original Chop Shop Co.

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