Experience Tempe Shopping and Restaurants at Tempe Square

Author: Michael Martin

Posted on: July 16, 2015


Located on the southwest corner of McClintock Drive and Guadalupe Road, in the middle of a comfortable south Tempe neighborhood, Tempe Square is a popular gathering spot for locals and visitors alike. On the surface, Tempe Square looks like your average strip mall. But don’t be deceived by its unassuming exterior. It’s one of those rare places that has the perfect mix of Tempe shops and restaurants (several are locally owned) that, when combined, add up to a whole that is definitely greater than the sum of its parts.

Get your groceries and browse one of the best independent book stores in the U.S. Find great bargains at two consignment shops, or the perfect fashion statement at an adorable boutique (named in USA Today’s 10 BEST for shopping in Phoenix). Join friends for breakfast, lunch or dinner at one of the outstanding locally owned restaurants serving everything from the best baked goodies to whopping salads to big tasty burgers to totally vegetarian.

There’s a synergy, a certain feeling about the place that makes you want to stay for a while, exploring on your own or hanging out with friends. Call it what you may, there is an energy, an aura, a vibe about Tempe Square that makes it far more than just a strip mall shopping center.

Your first trip to Tempe Square won’t be your last.  Be sure to allow plenty of time to enjoy the shops, restaurants and abundant good energy.

Changing Hands Bookstore
(480) 730-0205

Changing Hands Bookstore is the ultimate destination for any bookworm or even a fan of novelty gifts and home goods. The bookstore offers both used and new books, in addition to signed copies or hard-to-find titles. It also carries glassware, signs, games, and plenty of souvenirs for a first-time visitor. Changing Hands hosts many popular authors for book signings and workshops, so be sure to pay attention to their calendar. This bookstore is about so much more than books—it focuses on community and local impact in order to be a positive presence within the area.

Trader Joe’s
(480) 838-4142

Trader Joe’s is as close as you can get to a farmer’s market without actually going to a farmer’s market. Bursting with organic and natural goodies, this small grocery store carries many items that just aren’t offered by other chain supermarkets. Here, you’ll find fresh flowers, a fantastic selection of eclectic cheeses, and even body-care supplies that will leave you feeling refreshed. Trader Joe’s is where locals can pick up their unique favorites (like tangy blueberry goat cheese, for example) along with their other kitchen and pantry staples.

Wildflower Bread Company
(480) 838-9773

Wildflower Bread Company offers delicious sandwiches, soups, salads and desserts in a cozy setting. With plenty of health-conscious and indulgent options, anybody looking to satisfy their taste buds will be pleased with Wildflower’s nourishing ingredients with a focus on freshness and quality. Wildflower is armed with seasonal menu items, so you’ll never get bored of what they have to offer.

Mac’s Broiler & Tap
(480) 755-3050

Mac’s Broiler & Tap is another component of Tempe Square that showcases the area’s flair for food. Mac’s has a large menu with great variety, which means that it is a great option for just about anyone. Gooey cheeses and tender cuts of meat litter the menu in burgers and grilled items, and the bold drinks add another layer of tastiness. This is a unique eatery that adds character to the neighborhood.

24 Carrots
(480) 753-4411

Do you crave healthy, real food? Then 24 Carrots is definitely a place that you will want to check out. They offer natural juices without extra sugar, greens and breakfast options that are “clean,” meaning that they are made with real ingredients chosen with a careful eye and an ethical purpose. Their vegan and vegetarian menu features everything from zucchini noodle salad to an artichoke po’ boy to raw dishes where nothing is cooked over 115 degrees. 24 Carrots is a big supporter of local produce, so it houses an atmosphere of giving-back to the community.

Baskin Robins
(480) 839-5154

Who doesn’t love a cold treat in Phoenix? Baskin Robins is a family-friendly ice cream parlor that boasts an impressive array of flavors with additional toppings and options. It’s a great place to have a chat with a friend or take the kids after soccer practice.

Lorelei Boutique
(480) 491-1230

The team at Lorelei Boutique considers getting dressed in the morning to be one of the most important parts of the day. A woman who feels confident about the way she looks can empower her to be the person that she wants to be. If you love to be surrounded by gentle colors, lace and beautiful textures and details, Lorelei Boutique is the perfect place for you to pick out your next outfit.

Love Child Resale
(480) 545-2868

Are you looking for a place to buy clothing, accessories, toys and other items for the little ones in your life? Love Child Resale is the perfect place to buy and sell gently used items for kids just taking their first steps all the way through their teenage years. Love Child offers adorable costumes and hair ties as well as necklaces, maternity wear, and other necessities.

Turn Style Consignment Store
(480) 634-2350

Looking for gently used clothing for the whole family? Then you should visit the Turn Style Consignment Store. Turn Style buys and sells designer brands and high-quality items in order to ensure that you will look stylish and up-to-date for a much lower price than if you had gone to a department store. Turn Style also carries furniture and other home decor so your house can also be filled with one-of-a-kind finds.

For more restaurants and shopping in Tempe, visit www.tempetourism.com or call us at (800) 283-6734.

Tempe Square

2 thoughts on “Experience Tempe Shopping and Restaurants at Tempe Square

  1. Pat Olson says:

    Something needs to be done about the parking along the access drive at the Tempe Square Shopping Center. I am not able to find contact information for the Property Management Company. Who is responsible for the driveways? The Property Management Company or the City of Tempe? When people park on both sides of the main east/west driveway only one car can pass at a time which creates a situation where one of the cars has to back up (because in one direction they are coming off of McClintock and may not see that someone is already eastbound on the drive). This happened to me today. I had to back up (which is not advisable) and had some pedestrians yell at me. There was nothing else we could do, and I didn’t see them crossing the cross street. Fortunately, no accident occurred, but it could in the future. At least one side of the drive should be striped as “No Parking” to allow two cars to pass or the driveway needs to be made a one way access. If there hasn’t already been, there will eventually be an accident caused by this situation. It shouldn’t take that to correct the problem. Thank you for addressing this issue with the appropriate parties (City of Tempe and/or the Property Management Company).

    1. Amy says:

      The City of Tempe would be the best place to start. Their main number is 480-350-4311 – the receptionist can direct your call to the appropriate department.

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