Why we’re stoked about summer in Tempe

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Posted on: June 27, 2018
Last updated on: August 17th, 2018 at 11:34 am


You might have trepidations about Arizona’s toasty temperatures during the summer. But you can rest assured that Tempe is open for business with lots of cool fun in the sun and money-saving deals all season long. Dare we say that you will perspire? Yeah, you definitely will. But, keep in mind that 100 degrees feels much more comfortable in our dry climate than in places with high humidity. We’re looking at you, Atlanta. Also, in Arizona, you’re never far away from one of mankind’s best inventions, air conditioning.

Here are a few of the things we love about summer in Tempe:

Lower Hotel Rates
Our hotels offer terrific summer rates, which means you’ll save a bunch of dough on accommodations. Included in your rate is unlimited free access to the hotel pool, where you can spend a lot of time just chill-axing. Find hot summer hotel deals in Tempe.

Magical Misters
Misters are magical inventions that provide a cool refreshing mist anywhere people like to congregate outside. It’s like air conditioning for the outdoors. They work wonders in dry heat. Misters cool down your walk between stores at Tempe Marketplace. They make dining on restaurant patios pleasant, especially in the evening. You can chill on a mister-cooled patio, enjoying friends, food, a cool cocktail and, in many instances, fun games like corn hole and ping pong. Visit our blog to learn more about Tempe’s restaurants with patios.

Get Outside – Big Surf is Open
Even when temperatures are in the triple digits, you can get out and enjoy some of the fun outdoor activities such as paddleboarding on Tempe Town Lake, catching a wave at Big Surf Waterpark, taking a self-guided evening flashlight tour at Desert Botanical Garden or attending free weekend concerts at Tempe Marketplace. And experienced golfers know that when temperatures rise, golf courses rise to the occasion by lowering green fees.

This is also the perfect season to try out the splash pads around town. The brand new Cloud at Kiwanis Park just opened in June 2018. This shaded aquatics feature has 5,000 feet of water play with loops, jelly sticks, misting sprays and lots of other ways to cool off. It is open daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Tempe Marketplace has a popular splash pad near Barnes & Noble in the District. It is open daily from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Frozen Treats to Beat the Heat
Frosty frozen treats are the next best thing to ice cold beer when the heat has you frazzled. Unless you’re under 21, in which case you’re hot weather go to is probably a 7-11 Slurpee. However, there are lots of other sweet, cold and refreshing treats to be enjoyed in Tempe. Cool down with one of the seasonal flavors of froyo, like tropical key lime, at ZoYo Neighborhood Frozen Yogurt. Habitual ice crunchers will no doubt love shaved ice goodness at Rita’s Italian Ice or Bahama Buck’s. Or, you can go global and try a cold treat on the spicy side with scoop of Indian ice cream at Curry and Scoop. In any case, scooped, rolled or shaved, Tempe’s got lots of frosty options to cool your craving for something sweet and cold. Love that brain freeze!

Keep Cool Indoors
Gone are the days when the main refuges from the heat were movie theaters and department stores. Now there are loads of other cool, air-conditioned indoor activities to pursue. You can spend a whole day playing video games and laser tag, bowling and more at Main Event. See beautiful sea creatures at SEA LIFE Arizona Aquarium, build something with your kids at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Arizona and visit one of our engaging museums. You can also shop and take in a movie (traditional and IMAX) at Arizona Mills or Tempe Marketplace. You can get the old heart pumping indoors at Tempe Paintball, Phoenix Rock Gym or check out the new LumberJaxes, where you can learn how to throw an axe. For real.

Hot Nightlife
Tempe has a lot going on after the sun sets. Live music is awesome any time of the year and Tempe’s music scene rocks all through the summer months. The Marquee is bringing some big names to Tempe this summer, including Foster the People, The Breeders and Rick Ross.

Tempe Marketplace has live music every Friday and Saturday night at The District Stage, beginning at 7 p.m, and Downtown Tempe offers a variety of bars and taverns worth checking out. Many of Tempe’s restaurants and bars feature live music from local bands on weekends and sometimes during the week. The legendary Tempe Improv brings some of the best comics to Tempe throughout the year, and that’s especially true this summer with talent like Whitney Cummings (July 13-14) and Maz Jobrani (August 23-25).

Learn more about Tempe’s hot nightlife.

Ice Cold Beer
Hot, one-hundred degree temperatures pair perfectly with ice cold beer. (No doubt the best beer you’ve ever had is the one you’ve gulped down after mowing the lawn on a hot summer day.) You won’t have to go far to find your favorite thirst-slaking brew in Tempe. Cool down with a Kilt Lifter at Four Peaks Brewing Company, the original destination for great Tempe craft beer. Check out the summer brews at Huss Brewing Co. – Sunday Funday and Raspberry. Or, hang out with a hand-crafted Light Lager or Belgian-Style Tripel at the bike-friendly Pedal Haus Brewery.  Learn more about Tempe’s craft breweries.

Lighter Traffic
School’s out for summer, the snowbirds have left their winter desert nests and flown back to their other nests in the humid states. This means that the roads are less crowded and traffic is much lighter, so you can sit back and really savor the drive in the cool comfort of your air-conditioned car.

Day Trips
Tempe is centrally located in the Phoenix Metro area, making it easy to take fun day trips to other cities. Yes, you can hop in your air-conditioned car and enjoy a leisurely drive on roads less crowded and go north or south to explore other destinations that are just a day trip away. Experience the Apache Trail Loop, Flagstaff and Bearizona, St. Anthony’s Greek Monastery in Florence, Out of Africa Wildlife Park in Camp Verde, Sedona, Jerome, Antelope Canyon and many more destinations, with lots of good restaurants along the way. With a morning start, you’ll be back in time for dinner.  Learn more about day tripping from Tempe.

These are just a few of the reasons why we’re stoked about summer in Tempe. There’s a lot more. Learn about all the summer fun and specials in Tempe on the Tempe Tourism webpage.



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