My Tempe- Notes From a Native; Introduction

By Delaney Wood

The Tempe Tourism Office has a new intern! It’s me- Delaney Wood. Throughout my time here, I created a blog series about life in Tempe, my experiences as a student at Arizona State University, and advice about fun things to do. I’ve lived in Tempe my entire life, so my hope is to provide an insider’s perspective on all of the best places to visit within the city. Or, at least, my favorite places to visit.

I’ve spent this past summer working full-time as a Personalization Marketing Intern at Insight Enterprises, and now I’m excited to be interning at the Tempe Tourism Office. I am currently a senior at Arizona State University, studying Business, Hospitality and Tourism and Spanish. I’m also involved in the Hispanic Business Students Association, Women’s Business Leaders Association, the ASU Philharmonia Orchestra, and am the president of the Arizona State University chapter of Collegiate DECA.

In the midst of my crazy schedule, I love to relax by exploring new places. In my opinion, the best days are those I spend hanging out in Tempe, discovering new shops and restaurants, or just taking a relaxing hike somewhere new. My absolute favorite thing about living in Tempe is our relatively close proximity to just about everything in Maricopa County and that, somehow, we still manage to maintain a small-town atmosphere within our community.

I hope this blog series introduces you to at least a few new activities to try within the city.  I’m excited to share everything I’ve learned while growing up here in Tempe!

Read about my experiences and some of my Tempe favorites in my blog series below:

Written Alicia Griffith

Alicia is an ASU Alumna and Tucson native who is unapologetically herself. When she is not sharing her passion for Tempe, she is a devoted dog mom and reality TV enthusiast who has a weakness for charcuterie boards and wine!

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