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Tempe fall fun starts with bicycles and beer

We thought it would be a great idea to write a blog about bikes and beer. We asked our friend Cristopher Matthews, a local beer and bicycle lover, to write a blog for us because these happen to be two of his favorite hobbies. Be sure to follow him on Twitter here.

Navigating the Valley of the Sun is as easy as riding a bike. Riding to, from and within Historic Downtown Tempe is a wondrous way to navigate the city. Whether you are departing from Downtown Phoenix, Arcadia or SoSco (South Scottsdale), these routes will deliver you to and from the cultural center of the East Valley.

The key to a good ride includes minimal preparation and essential stops along the way. Route options you can choose include bike lanes or one of Tempe’s 175 miles of dedicated bike paths. When traveling to Phoenix, many bikers take the Grand Canal from Curry Rd. west until they hit Roosevelt St., where they then enjoy a great ride into downtown. There are also many other bike lanes to choose from, between more paths, lanes and neighborhoods. For those in a rush, taking the light rail is a great option. The trains have racks inside to hang your bike between stops. From Arcadia, a route through Papago Park will more than suffice. Paved routes along the canal and greenbelt or through historic neighborhoods may further inspire your urban adventure.

Another great route into Tempe begins in Arcadia (a neighborhood that centers around 48th Street and Indian School Road). The Arizona Canal Trail is a bike route accessible from 40th Street and Camelback or 48th Street and Indian School, that will lead to Papago Park via southbound 64th Street. The historic neighborhoods along the may further inspire your urban adventure. Or, for a shorter trek, a route through Papago Park will more than suffice. There are 10 miles of trails in this urban, desert park that lead directly to Tempe Town Lake and Downtown Tempe.

Along the way you will surely require some reprieve. A barista, brewer or bench is always nearby. Stopover for a cold brew, some deep breaths and fresh scenery. The canal and greenbelt routes offer plenty of stopovers amidst parks, ponds and pets, as do your local businesses. With a home base in Tempe – and locations in Downtown Phoenix, Scottsdale, Sky Harbor and Tucson – Cartel Roasting Co. Coffee is ever ready for you and your two wheeled companion. In need of a brew? Cartel has that, too. Tempe’s other home breweries, Huss Brewing and Four Peaks Brewing Company, can be found along the way, along with Downtown Phoenix’s first microbrewery, Mother Bunch Brewing, Arcadia’s O.H.S.O. Eatery & nanoBrewery and South Scottsdale’s Papago Brewing Co. Once refreshed, set back on your way to further discover the day.

Test out these routes Saturday, October 4th, when New Belgium Brewing Company’s Tour de Fat rolls into town closing out their nationwide summer tour. Starting at Tempe Beach Park, an eclectic bicycle parade winds through Tempe from 11 a.m.-12 p.m. followed by staple and specialty brews from the ever popular bicycle-themed brewery along with performing acts, live music, local food and more.

Where and how may I discover this you may say? Well here in the Valley of the Sun! To and from the center of Tempe you shall navigate this urban sea.

Big thanks to Cris for contributing to our blog. For more information about biking in Tempe, visit our website or give us a call at 480-894-8158.

About the Author
An Arizona native and valley resident of eight years, Cristopher has been riding bikes since before his first job as a paper boy. When not riding a bike he can be found on one of the social media sites, including his favorite one, Untappd. Untappd is an application for checking into craft beer, his other favorite hobby. For the last three years he can be seen sporting a face ornament of hair, his third favorite past time of bearding.

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