“For the Animals”: Tania Candiani, Part II

March 21, 2020 - December 5, 2020
“For the Animals”: Tania Candiani, Part II

Event Summary

“For the Animals” tests the physical, environmental and social boundaries between nature and culture by creating a hybrid installation of land and sound art.

The project focuses on various species that are native to the Sonoran Desert such as the endangered jaguar and the Mexican grey wolf.

These animals will be most affected by the newly proposed border wall between Mexico and the U.S., by restricting their ability to navigate the Sonoran Desert as they have for hundreds of years.

“For the Animals” is a metaphor for the ongoing migration predicament at the U.S./Mexico border, especially with the recent influx of Central American women and youth fleeing violence and poverty.

Event Hours

Start Time: 11:00 am

End Time: 5:00 pm