Tempe’s Travel Safely Checklist

Tempe’s Travel Safely Checklist

Explore Tempe with peace of mind

Our hotels and tourist attractions are partnering with the Tempe Tourism Office on Tempe’s Travel Safely Checklist.

Nothing lifts your spirits like the anticipation of taking a trip and expanding your horizons. When you’re ready to travel, Tempe is ready to welcome you.

To ensure everyone’s stay in Tempe is the best it can be, the Tempe Tourism Office developed Tempe’s Travel Safely Checklist. This Checklist lists the protocols that are in place in Tempe’s businesses. For more details about individual places, visit their websites or contact them directly.

View Tempe’s Travel Safely Checklist, and get a head start on traveling to Tempe again soon.

Tempe’s hotel, attraction and restaurant partners are adhering to the following:

Employee Wellness



For our Visitors traveling to Tempe, we ask you to:

Participating Tempe Partners:




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