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Ghost Ranch in Tempe: A local’s review

By Delaney Wood

Ghost Ranch is one of Tempe’s newest restaurants, offering an assortment of modern southwestern cuisine.  I visited on a busy Wednesday evening, in the midst of the after-work rush, and was greeted with fast service, friendly employees and delicious food. Upon arriving at Ghost Ranch, my friends and I were seated immediately, and the waiter did something that I appreciate from all good restaurants- she brought glasses of water to the table before we even had to ask for them.

A little bit of background about me- I grew up in a Hispanic household. My entire childhood was filled with homemade Mexican food made for me by my mother and grandmother- some of the best cooks in the world, in my opinion. Needless to say, I am very particular when it comes to trying new Mexican or Hispanic foods. While at Ghost Ranch, I ordered the grilled chicken enchiladas, along with a side of rice and beans and a house margarita. Everything was delicious, and each dish featured its own unique twist on a traditional food, without losing the classic taste of Hispanic home cooking. The margarita was strong, and I’m not complaining!

In order to get a better idea of how people were liking the new restaurant, I wandered around to talk to a few of the other diners. All were extremely friendly and open to chatting about the food, the ambiance, and how they were enjoying the new restaurant. I noticed guests talking to one another to see what they had ordered and asking for recommendations.  There were even a few children in the restaurant on this day, digging into their enchiladas and bowls of rice and beans. Ghost Ranch features desert landscape colors and decor, has an open layout and offers multiple seating options, from sitting around a table, to lounging on a bench or finding a spot at the bar. Without a doubt, this contributed to the friendly, familial atmosphere among of the guests.

Since the restaurant’s opening, I have visited Ghost Ranch twice and I plan on visiting again soon. As a college student with very limited time, it’s refreshing to be able to try out new restaurants without having to venture far away from home or campus. Next time, I’m coming back to try out the brunch menu!

Ghost Ranch – 1006 E. Warner Rd., Tempe, AZ 85284

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