We Changed Our Name! Tempe Convention & Visitors Bureau is Now Tempe Tourism Office

The Tempe Convention & Visitors Bureau, the most trusted source for Tempe tourism information for more than 20 years, has changed its trade name to the Tempe Tourism Office.

Why, you ask? We wanted a name that was familiar to travelers worldwide. Tourism offices are easily recognizable as a destination for visitor information. It’s pretty simple.

Don’t fret, however. Despite our name change, our mission is still to provide visitors with the same, valuable information about Tempe hotels, Tempe attractions, Tempe shopping, Tempe dining, and everything else you need to know about this sunny city.

Not only did our name get a makeover, but so did our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn . If you want up to date information about what’s happening in Tempe today, tomorrow, or in the near future – this is where you can find it.

Want more info? Visit us over at or give us a ring at 800-283-6734.

Written Tempe Contributor

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