Tempe Fashion Week

April 23, 2022
Tempe Fashion Week

Event Summary

Tempe Fashion Week (TFW) is the first, most diverse, and inclusive fashion production that also emphasizes highlighting sustainability fashion.

Tempe Fashion Week will be hosting its first spring show since its launch in the fall of 2021. This never-been-done-before Earth Day-themed fashion show in the Valley will highlight the blooming spring season and tribute its show to recognizing Earth Day. This spring show will also be showcasing sustainable pieces on its runway crafted by progressive, sustainable fashion designers.

At Tempe Fashion Week, diversity and sustainability are not only welcomed but celebrated and highlighted in every aspect of its existence, both internally and externally. In the industry of fast-paced trends and trendsetters, TFW aims to be the trendsetter in leading the life-lasting change in the industry. Diversity, Inclusivity, and Sustainability are the fundamental core values of TFW, what it runs on, and what our community of supporters can always expect from our production of shows!

Check out the event website for tickets and additional details.

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