‘Undoing Time: Art and Histories of Incarceration’ at ASU Art Museum

September 10, 2021 - February 12, 2022
ASU Art Museum in Tempe, Arizona

Event Summary

ASU Art Museum exhibitions align closely with our collecting mission and with the ASU Charter to work across disciplines to advance research and discovery of public value, and respond to the economic, social and cultural state of the communities it serves.

Exhibitions focus on socially, politically and environmentally engaged work by regional and international artists; innovative contemporary art practices; Latin American and Latinx artists; and 20th century and contemporary ceramics and craft.

ASU Art Museum presents the exhibit “Undoing Time: Art and Histories of Incarceration”, September 10, 2021 through February 12, 2022.

“Undoing Time: Art and Histories of Incarceration” considers the foundational roots of confinement from an art historical perspective to better understand the fact that today’s mass incarceration crisis is centuries in the making. The exhibition explores how images throughout time contribute to entrenched cultural beliefs associated with today’s carceral system. The exhibition includes 12 never-before-seen, commissioned artworks from contemporary artists whose work combines history, research and storytelling in material form.

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