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Crepe Bar in Tempe – c’est magnifique!

I once spent an entire summer in Paris. I learned French, saw all the sites, sat in cafes and ate lots and lots of crepes! There’s almost nothing better than a delicate, delicious homemade crepe – in my opinion anyways. And when I’m in the mood for crepes to bring back memories of Paris, I head to the Crepe Bar in Tempe, located on the NW corner of Rural Rd. and Elliot Rd. This quaint little neighborhood spot, open for breakfast and lunch, is a real gem.

The menu offers a variety of savory and sweet crepes, and a few other options for those who don’t love crepes (who are these people?!?). From pork belly to basil chicken to chorizo to vegetarian, there’s a savory crepe that will entice just about anyone. I ordered the veggie crepe, which came stuffed with eggplant, sweet potato and zucchini. The crepe itself was so completely yummy that I could have eaten it on it’s own. On top was a piece of toasted cheese…yum. The locally sourced ingredients change depending on what’s in season. My lunch dates ordered the buckwheat chorizo crepe, the basil chicken crepe and the grilled cheese sandwich (on a toasted baguette). Everyone commented on the rich flavor of their dishes, and there was little left on any of our plates when we were done!

Since our tummies were more than satisfied from our lunch crepes, we decided on ordering one sweet crepe to share between the four of us. This worked out perfectly. The lemon drop crepe was recommended to us so we gave it a try. And boy were we happy! The crepe was exactly how it’s meant to be – light and delicate, with a sweet tart lemon curd filling. The hibiscus gel and lemon crystals on top made the dish a winner for me. We each got a few bites and it completed the meal perfectly. I’m already looking forward to going back for more sweet crepes – since those are always my favorite!

The Crepe Bar is becoming more and more popular for us crepe lovers, so they’re planning on expanding their space in the coming months. Yippee!!

Crepe Bar / 7520 S. Rural Rd., Tempe, AZ 85283 / (480) 247-8012

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