Live Music at Tempe Marketplace in Tempe, AZ

Live Music at Tempe Marketplace

November 1, 2019 - November 30, 2019

Whether you’re looking forward to a fun date night or family night out, you can’t go wrong with free music performances at Tempe Marketplace. Enjoy music performed by both local and nationally known bands and musicians at The District Stage located in front of Dave & Busters.

November Performances
November 15 | The Killer Vibes
Classic Rock, Blues

November 16 | Traveler
Folk, Classical, World Music

November 22 | 7 Seconds Delay

November 23 | Sonoran Swing
Big Band, Swing

November 29 | Manic Monkeys

November 30 | Wide Awake
U2 Tribute Band

Event Hours

Start Time: 7:00 pm

End Time: 10:00 pm


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