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Caffe Boa celebrates its 25th anniversary

A Downtown Tempe staple since 1994, Caffe Boa has been bringing guests farm to table food for 25 delicious years. In addition to an impressive wine list boasting the largest selection of natural wines in Arizona, the seasonally inspired menu focuses on homemade, local and organic ingredients. So every visit is a discovery of new fresh flavors to enjoy.

For their 25th birthday, they plan to celebrate the entire month of November by offering their guests a special menu. For only $25, savor some of Caffe Boa’s all time favorites from when it first opened 25 years ago.

Additionally, on Thursday, November 7, 2019 they will host their semi-annual wine tasting honoring 25 wines for 25 years. Admission is $15 for one guest or $25 for two guests. To enjoy all that Caffe Boa has to offer, book a dinner reservation for the same evening and the admission price for the wine tasting will be deducted from your dinner bill!

Make your reservation now for this exciting event. Reserve your table online or call (480) 968-9112.

Caffe Boa in Downtown Tempe

We got the chance to sit down with Caffe Boa’s general managers Jessalyn Italiano and Zachary Powell to get the inside scoop about Caffe Boa and what makes it remain a Tempe favorite after 25 years in business:

  1. Besides moving to a larger location, what has changed about Caffe Boa over the past 25 years?
    We have continued to grow immensely in the food and wine world over the years. As it grows, so do we. Americans have become far more conscious of the ingredients in their meals and beverages so continuing with our tradition of local, ethical, hand-harvested, and wholesome ingredients have been a priority we will always strive to keep.
  2. With how much Tempe has changed in the last 25 years, how has Caffe Boa been able to stay relevant?
    With organic foods and ethically sourced ingredients becoming so mainstream, Caffe Boa has always been able to keep quality and pleasure high when it comes to hitting the mark. We continue to travel the world yearly to make sure our items are manufactured and grown to our highest standards. We change dishes and wines with respect to the seasons, and always reflect what is most currently desired.
  3. Tell us your Tempe story. Have there been any stand out moments that have made an impact on your business?
    As most young adults, Tempe brought us together for education and the pursuit of a supportive lifestyle after finishing at the universities. Caffe Boa brought us all together based on our personal interests in the art of European food and wine. But the cozy hospitality and family cohesiveness to each other and to our community is what has kept us together for so many years.
  4. What do you think makes Caffe Boa so special? Or, what surprises people the most about your restaurant?
    Caffe Boa’s heart and soul rests on a long standing tradition of European style food, drink, and hospitality where we feel everyone who walks in is family and should be treated as such. Building a food and beverage menu around local, organic, and fresh foods allows us to slow down and take our time to enjoy the finer things in life and strike up a conversation with a fellow friend.
  5. What’s your favorite dish and wine pairing?
    So hard to choose! The ever popular Voodoo Penne goes great with a beautiful white citrus wine like a Sauvignon Blanc from France. Looking for comfort? Definitely the lasagna with a glass of Sangiovese red will do perfectly!
  6. What do you like most about being in Downtown Tempe?
    Tempe is always growing and expanding, but never losing sight of what makes it so special. Each city around the valley has its own character and Tempe is the perfect center space for it all.
  7. What can we expect from your team and your restaurant in the next 25 years?
    Our team will continue to push the standard of food and beverage education by learning and seeking out the importance of what makes us so unique. We will keep supporting local families, farmers, and producers even in other states and countries, no doubt. Caffe Boa may still be “the best hidden gem in Tempe,” but you can rest assured that we are here for the long haul!
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