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Tempe’s Top 6 Hot Dogs are quite frank-ly very good

There are few things in life that are better than sitting back with a good hot dog. We loved them as kids and you bet we love them as adults too. Hot dogs are a symbol of Americana, right? We have them at summer BBQ’s, the Fourth of July and at the ballpark. When it’s not a game day at Tempe Diablo Stadium or Sloan Park, here are the top six places to get a hot dog in Tempe.

Ted’s Hot Dogs
1755 E. Broadway Rd., Tempe, AZ 85282
If you’re going to have a list of places to get good hot dog in Tempe, Ted’s Hot Dogs better be at the top. Ted’s Hot Dogs have been around for over 90 years – with its Tempe location having been around for over 30 years. All the hot dogs are cooked over charcoal and they feature a variety of the classics, like regular, foot long, all beef, veggie and corndogs. Add some excitement to your life and order from their list of Awesome Dogs, which include bacon and cheese hot dogs, bacon and mac, or our favorite, chili and cheese.

Portillo’s Hot Dogs
65 S. McClintock Dr., Tempe, AZ 85281
If you’re from Chicago, then you probably grew up going to Portillo’s. This Chicago staple offers a variety of dogs to choose from but when in Rome, eat like they do. Their Chicago style hot dog includes mustard, relish, celery salt, onions, tomatoes, pickles and peppers. It’s the perfect taste of the Windy City without the freezing cold winters.

Detroit Coney Grill
930 W. Broadway Rd., Tempe, AZ 85282
Detroit Coney Grill has been featured on Nat/Geo Travel, been named by ABC15 as one best hot dogs in Arizona and is in Yelp’s Top 30 places in the U.S. So yeah, they’re pretty good. They offer a variety of choices on their menu but you won’t go wrong with the classic, Detroit Coney. A Detroit Coney is an all beef hot dog, topped with meat, beanless chili, white onions and yellow mustard. Many argue that this is the true “American hot dog”.

Dave’s Dog House
240 Orange Mall, Tempe, AZ 85281
Dave’s Dog House prides themselves on using fresh, all beef hot dogs and preparing a special dough for their buns, baked in house. The bun looks like two pieces of bread rather than your traditional looking hot dog bun. Originating in Boston, this restaurant has fortunately made its way to Tempe. Their signature frank is the Beantown dog. It’s topped with their famous baked beans, onions and mustard. It’s wicked good.

Thirsty Dog 2 Go
15 W. 5th St., Tempe, AZ 85281
Located in the heart of Downtown Tempe, Thirst Dog 2 Go is a combination of hot dog stand and market. It’s a great place to stop when you’re hungry late at night on Mill Ave. (they’re open until 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday). The Asiago and Spinach Chicken Sausage is really good. Yes, you read that right. Best part? It’s gluten free and low calorie.

Four Peaks Brewing Company
1340 E. 8th St. #104, Tempe, AZ 85281
You can’t talk about food in Tempe without mentioning Four Peaks Brewing Company. Yes, we all know how great their beer is and their food is great too. Four Peaks does some really cool stuff at their restaurant, like their beer and Girl Scout Cookie pairings. The Kilt Lifter Brat is a winner on a menu of delicious food. Braised bacon sauerkraut? Check. Spicy brown mustard? Check. Caramelized onion spread? Check. Ordering a Kilt Lifter Brat will be the best decision you make all day.

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Written Patrick